Ensure your heater installation is fast and efficient with our range of installation accessories all made from high quality, durable materials that will provide the performance required to get the most out of your heater and protect your engine.

Serviceable Tank Level Gauges

Our tank level gauges provide clear and easy visibility of tank fluid levels thanks to the coloured ball float. Made from high temperature tubing and brass fittings, Peregrine tank level gauges are made to withstand the harshest environments and should they need cleaning, they can be quickly and easily dismantled and cleaned for on-going use providing cost efficiencies and help for the environment.

iveco hose set

Hose & Fire Pump Hose Sets

All Peregrine coolant heaters are supplied with 2m of yellow, smooth EPDM rubber hose as standard. Longer lengths or a silicone alternative are available on request. For Fire Pump applications, our full Iveco and John Deere Hose Sets include all the fittings and hose lengths for the following engines: Clarke IK6 and IK4 and John Deere JU4 and JU6

iveco hose set

Anti-Vibration Kits

If you’re fitting a coolant heater to a Clarke engine, extend the life of the heater with an anti-vibration kit (PVAC). These kits have been designed for use in applications where the heater has to be mounted direct to the engine block and help prevent heater damage through excessive vibration.

iveco hose set

Hose Clips & Mounting Brackets

Unless your heater is supplied with fixed brackets, all Peregrine coolant heaters are supplied with a stand and bracket set.  Optional sets include floor, wall/panel or beam mounting brackets.

Hose Clips Product Code
16mm-22mm (for ½” bore hose) P73
18mm – 25mm (for 5/8″ bore hose) P74
35mm – 50mm (for 1½” bore hose) P75
25mm – 40mm P134
40mm – 60mm P80
60mm – 80mm P85
50mm – 70mm P86
80mm – 100mm P87
Heater Mounting Brackets
Bracket Set for T-Type Heaters P81A
Bracket for D-Type Heaters P81B
Floor Mounting Bracket MBFI
Wall/Panel Mounting Bracket MBWI
Beam Mounting Bracket MBBI
Falcon Bracket P81C
U39 Heater Bracket P81D

Non-Return & Isolation Valves

Peregrine non-return valves provide excellent pressure allowing the heater to work normally by preventing back-flow through the heater when the engine is running. Our isolation valve kits make changing a heater quick, easy and safe. The kits are available for a range of engines with ½”, ¾” and 1″ connections.

Non Return Valves Product Code
½” U41.1
 5/8″ U41.2
¾” U41.3
Isolation Valves  
1/2″ P92.1
5/8″ P95.2
3/4″ P95.3
1″ U91.6