Our universal/generic engine coolant heaters can be fitted horizontally to engines that do not require specific fixing kits. Our range of thermostatic engine coolant heaters use thermosiphon heating technology to heat your engine. It’s a passive heating system that circulates warmed coolant by thermal convection. All U39 heaters have variable high temperature thermostats set to 50C and for optimal performance, we recommend the heater is installed at the lowest point in your system.

Thermostatic engine coolant heaters offer you several benefits that make them valuable in many situations. In cooler climates, your preheated engine starts much easier, reducing wear and tear on the starter motor and battery. Additionally cold engine oil is thicker and flows poorly, causing increased friction and potential damage to your engine during startup. Preheating thins the oil, ensuring proper lubrication for the get-go. And, a warm engine burns less fuel, reducing emissions, fuel consumption and your costs. This fact is especially relevant for larger engines like those in trucks, generators, or boats, where even small efficiency gains can translate to significant fuel and money savings.


  • Twin or Triple elements
  • All 230V models
  • High wattage up to 4KW
  • 6 wattage options
  • Long-lasting steel body
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Includes twin brackets
  • Zinc passivated plating


  • Power generation
  • Industrial engines
  • Marine Engines
  • Construction engines
Peregrine U39 heater

Peregrine U39

Universal U39 heater based on a range of wattages

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