PEREGRINE diesel fuel tank heaters are designed to warm bulk storage tanks to prevent the diesel from gelling or waxing.

What is fuel gelling/waxing?

Diesel contains paraffin wax, its purpose being to improve the viscosity of the fuel. The downside is that in cold temperatures, the paraffin turns cloudy (known as the cloud point), thickens and forms wax crystals. As the temperature continues to drop, these wax crystals can start to clump together and form a gel-like substance that prevents the fuel from flowing properly. It is time-consuming and wasteful to try and rectify this after it’s happened and if left unattended, the problem can become so advanced that the paraffin wax can solidify to the point where the fuel will no longer flow.

How diesel fuel tank heaters help

Our PEREGRINE tank heaters prevent gelling from happening by keeping the fuel at at constant warm temperature. All models are thermostatically controlled and available in a variety of thread and flange sizes with a Watts-density below 2.3W/cm². Their welded stainless steel construction means you can be sure that corrosion and fuel contamination are eliminated. The wattage, size and length of the heater is dependent on the minimum ambient temperature, dimensions of the tank, amount of lagging and whether the installation is static or mobile. All are made to order so you can be sure it will fit to the specific tank depth required and the elements sleeved for safety. The supplied thermostat is set at 10ºC unless otherwise requested.

Benefits of Fuel Tank Heating

  • Prevents gelling or waxing
  • Fuel is ready for immediate use
  • Reduces waste and improves efficiency

Market Applications

  • Large industrial fuel storage tanks
  • Marine
  • Large industrial installations

Our Range

Diesel Fuel Tank Heaters – Top Entry Angled
PRERGRINE Diesel Fuel Tank Heater - Angled
  • Thermostatically controlled
  • Three elements
  • Wattage up to 6000W
  • Weatherproof option
  • Watts-density below 2.3W/cm²
Diesel Fuel Tank Heaters – Top Entry Straight
PEREGRINE Diesel Fuel Tank Heater - Straight
  • Thermostatically controlled
  • Six elements
  • Wattage up to 4500W
  • Weatherproof
  • Watts-density below 2.3W/cm²