PEREGRINE YP-Type withdrawable element pumped coolant heaters are the
perfect solution for large generators and marine applications as the
withdrawable element allows heater maintenance without the need to drain the sump or tank.  PEREGRINE YP-Type coolant heaters are fitted with a pump to force heated water around the engine.   They are ideally suited to large diesel engines where one, two or more heaters may be needed on a single engine and/or where there is the requirement for alarm operation.

All YP-type heaters are fitted with twin thermostats set at 60°C adjustable, one operating the heater while the second is set a few degrees lower to switch an independent alarm circuit should the coolant temperature fall below a pre-set temperature.


  • Pumped
  • Three withdrawable elements
  • 230V and 415V models
  • High wattage up to 8000W
  • Long-lasting steel body
  • Adjustable thermostat


  • Large diesel engines
  • Oil-gas platforms where engines need to be pre-heated from a safe area
  • High wattage installations where it’s necessary to transfer heat quickly from the heater to the application

Water/coolant mix 50%/50% or specialized coolant

230V AC single phase 50/60Hz
415V AC 3- phase 50/60HZ

Bracket supplied with unit

1500W, 2000W, 2500W, 3000W, 4000W, 5000W, 6000W, 7000W

Adjustable thermostat, factory set at 60°C

(13mm) 1/2”, (19mm) 3/4”

1” (415V model only)

Product Code Voltage Wattage
P4YLP 230V 1500
P5YLP 230V 2000
P6YLP 230V 2500
P7YLP 230V 3000
P8YLPC 230V 4000
P9YLPC 230V 5000
P10YLPC 230V 6000
P11YLPC 230V 7000
P12YLPC 230V 8000
P4YLPZ 415V 1500
P5YLPZ 415V 2000
P6YLPZ 415V 2500
P7YLPCZ 415V 3000
P8YLPZ 415V 4000
P9YLPCZ 415V 5000
P10YLPCZ 415V 6000
P11YLPCZ 415V 7000
P12YLPCZ 415V 8000