PEREGRINE internal and PAD-type external oil tank/sump heaters are the perfect solution for air-cooled engines where fast start-up is essential.

Many engine applications benefit from the use of oil engine heaters to reduce oil viscosity which allows better initial oil circulation within the engine, helping to reduce engine wear and allow fast start-up in low temperatures. The heat rising from the warm oil also warms the bores and upper engine parts. PEREGRINE oil tank/sump heaters are often fitted as a supplement to coolant pre-heaters in very low ambient temperatures.

  • Our PEREGRINE internal oil heaters are low watts-density (below 1.5W/sqcm) heating coils which are inserted through a drilled or existing tapped hole in the sump wall or sump inspection plate. Choose from straight or right-angled heaters depending on your engine sump. Our internal oil heaters can also be fitted to gearboxes and transmission housings where reduced oil drag is required.
  • The PEREGRINE external oil heaters (pad heaters) are low watts-density (below 2W/sqcm) heating pads which are clamped to the underside of engine sumps or gearboxes by means of the strapping and brackets supplied.

Benefits of Engine Heating

  • Fast engine start
  • Reduced engine stress
  • Reduced fuel consumption

Market Applications

  • Air-cooled engines
  • Small engines
  • Oil tanks or sumps

Our Range

sump tank internal heater P309
Sump/Tank Internal Heater P309
  • Internal sump heater
  • Single element
  • Wattage up to 500W
  • Non-thermostatic
sump tank internal heater POHJ1386
Sump/Tank Internal Heater POHJ1386 Replaceable Cartridge
  • Internal sump heater
  • Single element
  • Wattage up to 750W
  • Replaceable cartridge
pad type external heater
PAD-Type External Heater
  • External sump heater
  • Non-thermostatic
  • Wattage up to 1000W
battery pan external heater
Battery Pan External Heater
  • External Battery Pan Heater
  • Non-thermostatic
  • Wattage up to 250W