PEREGRINE Anti-Condensation heaters are available from 20W to 120W and have primarily been developed for use in switch and control gear cabinets to eliminate humidity and protect vulnerable equipment. Anti-condensation heaters stand as silent guardians against the damaging effects of moisture in enclosed spaces. Their primary benefit lies in preventing harmful condensation from forming on sensitive equipment. By gently raising the interior temperature, they keep the dew point at bay, ensuring delicate electrical components, machinery, and control panels stay dry and functional.

Prevents Malfunctions and Extends Lifespan: Condensation can lead to electrical shorts, rust, and corrosion, causing costly equipment failures and reduced lifespans. Anti-condensation heaters effectively shield your investments from such threats, promoting smooth operation and longevity.

Energy Efficiency: While they generate heat, anti-condensation heaters are typically low-wattage devices, consuming minimal energy compared to larger space heaters.

Versatility: Designed for diverse applications, anti-condensation heaters find use in electrical enclosures, control panels, server cabinets, and even cold storage units. Their compact size and mounting options allow for easy integration into various settings.

Our anti-condensation heaters contain an LPC vitreous enamelled resistor mounted within a perforated sheet steel case.

Selection and Use of Anti-Condensation Heaters

The power rating required to prevent the condensation in a given cubicle depends on a number of factors including temperature and humidity. However, 10-12W/sqm of panel surface is ideal. For best results, heaters should be mounted on the back plate of the cubicle with the resistor horizontal and the terminals at the bottom. We recommend the use of a separate thermostat fitted within the cubicle but away from direct radiation from the heater.


  • Available in models 20W to 120W
  • Eliminate humidity
  • Easy installation
  • Compact design
  • Quality materials


  • Switch and control gear cabinets
  • Caravans/motorhomes
  • Garages/sheds
  • Tool boxes
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