PEREGRINE 230V and 415V top-entry fuel tank heaters are ideally suited to bunded tanks, these heaters offer even distribution of heat throughout the tank to prevent fuel gelling or waxing should the temperature drop below the cloud point.

Our top-entry fuel tank heater models are thermostatically controlled and available in a variety of thread and flange sizes with a Watts-density below 2.3W/cm². Their welded stainless steel construction means you can be sure that corrosion and fuel contamination are eliminated. The wattage, size and length of the heater is dependent on the minimum ambient temperature, dimensions of the tank, amount of lagging and whether the installation is static or mobile. All are made to order to fit to the specific tank depth required and the elements sleeved for safety. The supplied thermostat is set at 10ºC unless otherwise requested.



  • Twin element
  • 230V and 415V models
  • High wattage up to 6000W
  • Weatherproof (W/P) option
  • Long-lasting steel body
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Made to your specifications
  • P975/10TT56CCGZ is ATEX Zone II Compliant


  • Fuel storage tanks
  • Bunded and un-bunded fuel storage tanks
  • Marine
  • Construction

230V AC single phase 50/60Hz
415V 3-Phase

500W, 750W, 1000W, 1500W, 2250W, 3000W, 6000W

750W, 1500W, 2250W, 3000W, 6000W

Adjustable thermostat, factory set at 10°C unless otherwise requested

Product Code Voltage Wattage
P974/2TT22CG 230V 500W
P974/2TT22CG 230V 750W
P974/3TT28CG 230V 1000W
P974/4TT28CG 230V 1500W
P974/5TT28CG 230V 2250W
P974/7TT28CG 230V 3000W
P974/10TT56CCG 230V 6000W
P974/2TT22CGZ 415V 750W
P974/4TT28CGZ 415V 1500W
P974/5TT28CGZ 415V 2250W
P974/7TT28CGZ 415V 3000W
P974/10TT56CCGZ 415V 6000W
P975/1TT22CG Weatherproof 230V 500W
P975/2TT22CG Weatherproof 230V 750W
P975/3TT28CG Weatherproof 230V 1000W
P975/4TT28CG Weatherproof 230V 1500W
P975/5TT28CG Weatherproof 230V 2250W
P975/7TT28CG Weatherproof 230V 3000W
P975/10TT56CCG Weatherproof 230V 6000W
P975/2TT22CGZ Weatherproof 415V 750W
P975/3TT28CGZ Weatherproof 415V 1000W
P975/4TT28CGZ Weatherproof 415V 1500W
P975/5TT28CGZ Weatherproof 415V 2250W
P975/7TT28CGZ Weatherproof 415V 3000W
P975/10TT56CCGZ Weatherproof – ATEX Zone II Compliant 415V 6000W