We focus on supplying quality fire pump engine heaters and coolant hose sets to the fire protection industry. With our know-how and commitment to quality, we ensure that your fire pump stays at optimal temperature, ready to start and perform when it matters most.


Some key customer reasons are –


We manufacture preheaters and kits for Clarke Fire-Pumps and fire drivers with adjustable integral thermostats to minimise alarms. We also offer replacement silicon hose sets.


Warm engines, fuel and lubricants reduce engine wear and elongate engine life. That’s important because they go directly to full load.


Engineered for reliability and longevity to keep fire pumps at operating temperature. Supplied with anti-vibration bobbins and full mounting kits as needed.


Keep water sprinkler reservoirs from freezing with our tank heaters, available in a range of sizes and power outputs.


With years of experience serving the fire pump industry. From product selection to installation guidance and troubleshooting, we like to help.

Contact us today to learn how we can meet your specific needs.