We focus on supplying quality tank heaters which provide consistent and reliable heating of fuels and liquids, keeping them in prime condition. Our customer’s needs are diverse and critical, so we manufacture our tank heaters with overtemperature protection to ensure safety, longevity and accuracy.

PRERGRINE Diesel Fuel Tank Heater - Angled

Some key customer reasons are –


Whether you’re storing diesel, biodiesel, or another fuel type, we have top entry and side entry variants from 500W to 6KW to keep your fuel at the right temperature.


Our expertise and understanding can recommend the right heater for your tank based on size and volume, to minimise operational cost.


Our quality and reputation for tank heaters is earned from using premium metals, parts and our associated manufacturing expertise.


Our tank heaters feature dual adjustable thermostats to protect from overheating and degrading fuels.


With years of experience and esteemed customers, we advise on product selection through to Installation and troubleshooting, because we want to help.

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